Commission Process

My commissioners are the best! ⭐️ You guys are funny, imaginative, kind, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve made it my goal to be on your level; to live up to your excellent standards. This means, as my commissioner, you are not only guaranteed quality artwork, you are guaranteed a quality experience.

I believe in effective communication, high standards for every work of art, and an attitude of respect and care towards you, my commissioner.

Below is a breakdown of the process I follow.  These steps allow me to create my best work, while also including multiple levels of communication to insure commissioner satisfaction with the final painting.

Marcy Painting
Here’s what my commissioners are saying:

“When I first stumbled upon Glodendruid’s work I fell in love with it. Right from the start she was a pleasure to work with. Her critical eye and imagination got the very best out of my ideas and reached perfection in the final piece. Every single painting she has done for me has been no less than astounding. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high-quality professional art.”


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Breakdown of my Private Commission Process:
  • Review & Agree to ToS:
    The first step is to review my Terms of Service. It is important to read thoroughly. By sending a commission request, you are stating that you have read and agree fully with the ToS.

    If you are under the age of 18, you can still commission me. Your parent or guardian will need to read over the ToS and sign a parental consent form, which will be provided to you via email.

  • Fill Out Commission Request Form:
    This is a brief form to collect basic information about your commission. You can fill it out here.

  • Discuss Project Specifics via Email & Agree upon Total Amount:
    After receiving your form, I will contact you via email to discuss your commission in more detail.

    An important part of my process is giving special attention to each individual who chooses to commission me. This exploration phase allows me to build the framework of your commission (the project specifics) and to provide an accurate quote for the total amount.

    Once we are both in agreeance on the project specifics, payment will be requested via PayPal. After PayPal has confirmed the total amount has been satisfied, your slot in my commission queue will be reserved.

    Simply requesting a commission does not automatically secure a spot in line. Payment of a commission is the only way to reserve your spot. I operate on this principle out of fairness to those who have already paid for their commission, and because it’s a necessity to keep my stream of projects flowing.

  • Rough Sketch Phase:
    When your turn in the queue has arrived, I will create a rough sketch of your commission for approval.
    (The only commissions that don’t receive rough sketches are Speed Paintings and Sketch Cards).

    After receiving the email of the rough sketch, if deemed necessary, you are free to make 1 edit to the rough sketch at that time.

    If you desire more edits than just the 1, list in detail what changes you would like made to the rough sketch. A quote for the additional labor would then be sent to you. Payment would be requested via PayPal. After PayPal has confirmed the total amount has been satisfied, the additional edits will be implemented. The revised rough sketch would then be sent back to you for a second approval.

    In the majority of cases, no edits are needed (I do my best to get your character right the first time!). If you deem no edit is necessary, I will continue painting and complete the artwork.

  • Delivery:
    After painting is complete, I will email you two copies of the finished commission:

    • A high-resolution file for printing and private use.
    • A low-resolution/watermarked copy for posting online.

    *Ping!* You have artwork!

    This is a fun part of the process for both me and my commissioners. It is unbelievably gratifying to know how happy my work makes others, and I love hearing your reactions. My goal is to create an artwork that not only gives you an initial smile, but also years of enjoyment!

    I should also note: Unless the commission specified is a badge or sketch card, no other commission types are sent via the post office. Everything is delivered digitally.

✌️ Thanks for reading! The above is only a brief overview of my process. Additional information can be found throughout my site.

  • You can review my commission info to see the types of commissions I offer.
  • Read up on my terms of service (ToS).
  • Fill out a commission request form to place your order. Please note that by submitting a commission request, you are stating that you have indeed reviewed my ToS and agree to them fully.

If you have additional questions and didn’t find the answers here on my site, please reach out to me: 📬

Twinkle Badge
Here’s what my commissioners are saying:

“Golden’s strong sense of form and grasp of realistic animal anatomy shines through in her work, delivering an elegant and unexpected twist on anthropomorphic characters.
The badge that I received is absolutely gorgeous! Out of my collection it is truly my favorite. I will definitely be returning for another one in the future because GoldenDruid isn’t just a lovely artist, but more importantly, she is a lovely person. Her positive attitude and trustworthiness will keep you coming back.”